Denise A. Alston, PhD, Social Psychology

500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Four Desires Trainer

Ayurveda Yoga Specialist

Para Yoga Teacher  

Kripalu Yoga Teacher 

Hi, I‘m Denise Alston and Welcome to Spirit 1st Yoga.

I‘m a Transition Facilitator and Self-Care Guide.

Transitions: I believe every person deserves a life they love and I know that, sometimes, we can get unclear about what we want when our lives change: we retire from a loved career; we move to a new location; a relationship ends; or our children move on to their own lives. 

These are transitions I am trained to help you through so you can create an amazing, fulfilling Next Phase. I use a process developed and refined by my yoga teacher, Rod Stryker,  The Four Desires. Seeing the effect this process has had on myself, and others, led me to focus this work on people in transition.

Go to What's Next?!? to see what it could do for you. How do you stay steady while you wait for your desires to come to be? Join me in Worry-free Living.

Self-care: For many years, I struggled with Western medicine to preserve my health in a natural way and I sought out many alternative health care approaches. I learned to Take Charge! of my health most effectively through the ancient wisdom of the Science of Life-Ayurveda, the sister-science of Yoga. I use its gentle, simple methods to maintain my health and keep me grounded. Let me share this guidance with you. 

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