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Denise A. Alston, PhD, RYT-500  
Applies her yoga, Ayurveda, and transformation knowledge and skills to enrich and enhance your life. She's committed to helping you make your greatest contribution to the world.

With Spirit 1st Yoga, you touch the peace that lives within, harmonize with your highest self and maintain optimum health.

Spirit 1st Yoga offers:



A group inquiry into blending the spiritual & material to affect Social Change. to schedule in your community.

Register at the next event/Listen to the Podcast

What's NEXT?!?     

 A Practical Approach to Reboot Your Future



Take Charge! 

Take Charge of your Health using the Science of Life (Ayurveda) for Self-Care and Longevity 


Contact me if you're on the cusp of a transition (retirement, emptying nest, career change); if you need steadiness in the midst of change OR if you're ready to manage your own
well-being for vitality and longevity.

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